Song of Spheres
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Walker Larson

Author of Thrillers, Sci/Fi, Fantasy, YA

About Me

I am a writer of literary thrillers and YA sci-fi/fantasy books. I love stories that are both exciting and philosophical, moving and thought-provoking, tales that tap into the universal human experience--while delivering an exciting ride along the way. As a reader, I yearn for the kind of book that is un-put-downable, and then, at the end, when you do put it down, you just sit there for a long time, quietly, and filled with wonder. I've been writing ever since I first scribbled a knock-off of The Lord of the Rings at the age of eight called The Jewll (I couldn't spell very well). It was about a "hobbit-like creature" who had to destroy a magical jewel to prevent the world being consumed in fire. I went to college for writing and then got an MA in English literature and language. When not penning novels, I write articles about literature, culture, and education. I live in the beautiful bluff-lands of Driftless Wisconsin with my wife and baby daughter. Thanks for visiting, and I hope my books can take you on a journey worth experiencing.